Due to strong interest in associations we've found suggesting the MMR vaccine may offer protection from COVID‑19, we are putting up this temporary page directing the public and news media to relevant information.

Our Research

Epidemiological associations suggest the MMR vaccine could possibly offer protection from COVID‑19. If this proves to be the case, it could explain why young people, most of whom have had MMR, as well as people of all ages from highly-vaccinated populations like Hong Kong, rarely die from COVID‑19. Hong Kong has had only four COVID-19 deaths compared to over 20,000 deaths in New York City.

Did you have COVID‑19?

World Organization researchers are examining titer values from a vaccine you may or may not have had, that may help us learn if that vaccine could be useful for preventing severe cases of COVID-19. Selected candidates will attend a local Quest Diagnostics Lab for a quick blood test. You will not be given any medications or vaccines.

Additional Evidence

Twelve days after World Organization published its first epidemiological report about the MMR vaccine and COVID‑19 from Jeff Gold and Dr. Larry P. Tilley, neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge in England published their own report describing biologically how the rubella component of MMR may protect against COVID‑19.

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